The Center for the Future
 and  Cypress Colleges,  and
The School of Continuing Education

The Futures Exploration Series!
For Fall, 2006

        distinguished futurists and outstanding educators will provide insight into how to think about the future for faculty and Students.

World Future Society
mentions Futures Exploration Series in their online newsletter for April, 2006. Click Here.
For information on the
Spring, 2006, Futures Exploration Series,  Click Here.

All Events are at Fullerton College (see dates/times/rooms below).
Everyone is welcome.


25th, Monday, Noon    Dr. Ken Meehan (FC)
"An Environmental Scan of the FC Community"
             Faculty Lounge                           
See Ken's Presentation here


26th, Thursday, 6:30 pm    Dr. Roy Hobbs (FC)
"The Future of the Environment"
             Rm. 715


A Special Event in cooperation with FC Office of Special Programs and FC Honors Program...
17th, Friday, 10 am - noon   Dr. Bob Laird (formerly, U.C. Berkeley)
            Rm. 808-A     
"Higher Education in the 21st Century"

28th,  Tuesday, 7 pm   John Smart, (Exec. Director
               Rm 415                                                           
Acceleration Foundation)

                                              "Accelerating Change and Near-Term Human Evolution"

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