The Center for the Future
 and  Cypress Colleges,  and
The School of Continuing Education

A New Student  Futures  Club
is Forming...

“…Going  to live the rest of your life in the Future?”

The New FUTURES Club! (Pre-Petitioning)

World Future Society, Orange County Chapter Partner

Anticipate Change so you can seize Opportunities, avoid Danger, and have Fun!

Discover the high-paying careers of the next decade

Learn how to Imagine, Plan, and Create your own successful future!

A Few Student Activities in

The Futures Club!

·       Meet and chat with famous Futurists in small groups

·       Network with Students around the world and create the future you want

·       Envision the future of Fullerton College and help staff identify future goals

·       Explore your future at special events and World Future Society conferences

CURIOUS, INTERESTED in The Futures Club ?

For NEWS about Futures Club Events please email: