The Center for the Future
 and  Cypress Colleges,  and
The School of Continuing Education

The Futures Exploration Series!
For Spring, 2008

 Celebrating Our 3rd Year of Futures...
        The Spring Theme  is,
"Space...The Final Frontier"

        Distinguished futurists and outstanding educators will provide insight into how to think about the future.  
World Future Society
mentions Futures Exploration Series in their online newsletter for April, 2006. Click Here.

All Events are at Fullerton College (see dates/rooms below) on Tuesdays at 7 pm.
Everyone is welcome.


5th,  Tuesday,  7pm   Apollo Astronaut Rusty Schweickart,

                                                  The B612 Foundation

"Asteroid Impact -- Protecting the Earth"  Click Here
       Wilshire Auditorium         
See Astronaut Schweickart's Information

26th, Tuesday,  7pm    Dr. Bruce Cordell,  Fullerton College, Natural Sciences Div.
"Colonizing the Moon and Mars:  How? When"   Click Here
                    Room 224         
See Dr. Cordell's Information


11th , Tuesday, 7pm    Professor Richard Turco, 
UCLA, Dept of Atmospheric Sciences
"Global Change and Climate Geoengineering"
                    Room 224         
See Professor Turco's Information

15th,  Tuesday,  7pm    Professor Ben Zuckerman,
 UCLA, Dept of Physics and Astronomy
"Extraterrestrials in Our Future?...An Astronomer's View"
                    Room 224         
See Professor Zuckerman's Information

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