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          Futures Exploration Series for
, 2009.  
This Semester's Theme is: "Energy and National Security -- The Future."  
          Public events featuring experienced futurists and outstanding educators, all exploring the Future and how to best use it with our students and in our lives. 
          We launch on 2/24/09 with Professor Iraj Ershaghi of USC, on "U.S. Production and Consumption of Fossil Fuels During the Next Century"         
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            Plus, If you missed any previous Futures Exploration Series Events, their Presentations are available. ...Please click below:
Distinguished Futures Speakers include:
                              Dr. Jim Dewar, RAND;  Dr. Tim Mack, World Future Society;
Dr. Roger Caldwell, University of Arizona;  John Smart, Acceleration Studies Foundation;  Dr. Francois Primeau, UC, Irvine;  Dr. Marcus Wilson, Fullerton College; Astronaut Rusty Schweickert...

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