The Center for the Future
 and  Cypress Colleges,  and
The School of Continuing Education

For Spring, 2009
Celebrating Our 4th Year of Futures...

The Spring Theme is, "Energy and National Security -- The Future"

All Events are at Fullerton College on Tuesdays at 7 pm.
Everyone is welcome.


24th,  Tuesday,  7pm   Dr. Iraj Ershaghi

            Room 224                   University of Southern California

"US Production and Consumption of Fossil Fuels During the Next Century"     
See Dr. Ershaghi's bio


24th,  Tuesday,  7pm   Dr. Najmedin Meshkati

            Room 224                   University of Southern California

"Nuclear Energy -- Prospects and Challenges"    
See Dr. Meshkati's bio

21st,  Tuesday,  7pm   Dr. Dan Caldwell

            Room 1440                  Pepperdine University

"National Security and Energy -- The Future"    
See Dr. Caldwell's bio

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